Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dungeons & Destiny?

Dungeons & Destiny (or D&Destiny) is a passion project made by fans of both Destiny™ and 5th edition. More than just a re-skin of 5th Edition, D&Destiny offers expanded rules and content that allows players to experience Destiny as a tabletop role-playing game, shaping their own stories and creating their own...future.

Are you worried about Bungie taking legal action against your project?

Bungie has reached out to us to let us know that they think our project is cool, and have outlined the rules under which we must operate. We are dedicated to following these rules in order to continue to be able to develop Dungeons & Destiny

Do I need to own the 5e Core Rule books? Do i need to have played destiny to understand D&Destiny?

To the first question: yes. D&Destiny builds off of the rules already established by 5e. 

To the second question: nope! We're designing this for newbies and Destiny veterans alike.

Is the stuff in D&Destiny compatible with 5th Edition?

Yes! You can port any creature, class, or magic item to your game of D&Destiny and it will work as intended, though we can't vouch for balance. We do caution the use of D&Destiny material in your 5e games, since D&Destiny content is balanced around an experience that feels like Destiny. Some features, mechanics, and monsters of D&Destiny would be terrifying to encounter in a 5e game.

WHAT ABOUT CHARACTER SHEETS? does D&Destiny have its own character sheet?

D&Destiny does not currently have its own character sheet, though one is in development. Editing a 5e character sheet to fit Dungeons & Destiny isn't too difficult, and some tips on how to do so are included in the Player's Guidebook.

Where can I find the D&Destiny Player’s guidebook? What about the game Master’s Guide or the bestiary of the wilds?

Currently the D&Destiny’s Player's Guidebook (PGB) is in beta testing and is available to patrons. When D&Destiny is publicly released all game content will be available for download here on our website, free of charge.

Due to the size and scale of this project, content will be released as it is ready to be. This means that material like Game Master’s Guide (GMG) and Bestiary of the Wilds (BOW) will be released at a later date than the PGB.

Does this mean I can’t run my own game?

Nope! Patrons are free to set up their own games and can even start homebrewing their own content. We are planning a public release of the D&Destiny beta, too! Follow along on twitter to find out more.

do you have any plans for content other than the three core rulebooks?

YES!  The Dungeons & Destiny team has plans for modular and campaign content by the armful. Faction systems, strikes and raids, entire campaigns — we’re just as excited as you are to finish the core rulebooks and get started on those!

will you be faithful to the Lore of the Destiny Universe?

We have the utmost respect for the time and effort put into Destiny’s lore. As part of our production team we have several lore aficionados, and one whose job is to be our Lore Master. That being said, because D&Destiny is starting with the first Destiny game our story content will be focused on being faithful and true to the first Destiny. Where there is a conflict in the lore between Destiny and Destiny 2 we will defer to the first game.

Additionally, because of how much more depth there is in tabletop role-playing games, and because not everything that works in a video game works in a tabletop, D&Destiny will have to create its own lore to fill in the gaps left by the published Destiny lore. 

Our lore is presented in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion. We do not expect everyone to agree with or subscribe to our lore, we just have to have it for design and writing purposes. You are always free to come up with your own interpretation of Destiny's lore!

Some of these ultra monster challenge ratings seem a bit low. are you sure that's lore-accurate?

The CR of a monster is calculated assuming you fight the monster alone, but most of the time you will not be fighting a monster alone, especially not ultra monsters like Sepiks Prime.

Additionally, we compare all of our monsters to each other to find an appropriate, lore-accurate challenge rating for them. Not all monsters can be a CR of 20 or higher; there wouldn’t be any bosses to take on at lower levels if they were!

will you be adding rules for stuff like spaceship combat and sparrows? what about stuff like monster stat blocks for strike and raid bosses? 

Yes. We believe this wouldn't be a proper Destiny tabletop if we didn't.

will you have your own unique content? stuff made for D&Destiny that isn't in Destiny the video game?

Yup, yup, yup! We've got so many ideas, ya'll, and we can't wait to see what ideas YOU have, too!

will you eventually touch on Destiny 2 content, like the new classes added or the Red War?

Yes, of course! Things like Destiny 2 classes and lore will be added later down the line when we have a clearer picture of what the future holds for the project. We do have plans to add some D2 content even before that though, so keep an eye out for previews of things to come.

You’ve sold me! Now how can I help you guys?

The best and easiest way to help us is to simply play the game. Have fun and enjoy D&Destiny. When players are enjoying the game then they’ll tell their friends, and then those people will tell their friends, and then those… well you get the idea.

On top of that, feedback on our work is invaluable to us as game designers, and helps us create a fun and interesting game for everyone. You can submit feedback via the Contact Us page, or via the feedback channels on our Discord server.

If you wish to help us monetarily, supporting us through Patreon is greatly appreciated! Your backing helps Kitty hire artists and writers to ensure D&Destiny is a quality product, and allows production members to dedicate more time to the project! Plus, for being a supporter, you also get early access to content and a bunch of other goodies. You can read more about supporting D&Destiny here.

Here, take my money! But how can I contribute to this project? How best can I lend my own skills and experience?

For contributions to the core rulebooks such as art, graphics, technical and fiction writing, or any other skill set that helps a project like this grow, keep an eye out on our social media pages for open calls.

But what really helps a tabletop thrive is homebrewed content. If you love D&Destiny just as much as we do and have ideas that just can't wait for an open call, feel free to homebrew your own content and share it with the community! 

Are you going to be selling physical copies of the core rulebooks? I’d love to buy one!

Due to legal restrictions we sadly can’t right now, but we are looking into potential solutions. Who knows what the future might hold.

I need help creating my character! is there someone from the team available to help me?

For the time being, we have a Character Creation FAQ you can consult. Our team is very, very busy, so outside of scheduled streams and the Discord channel, we can’t offer one-on-one support.

Still have questions? Send us an email via Contact Us, or reach out to us via Twitter