Frequently Asked Gameplay Questions

How do I edit a 5e character sheet to accommodate D&Destiny changes?

It’s pretty simple! All you need to do is pencil in one new skill, the Technology skill (governed by Intelligence), and then split your Temporary Hit Points box into two boxes. One box is for recording your energy shields, the other is for recording any overshields you may gain.

What is my light ability level?

Your Light Ability Level is listed in your class table. It is not the same as your class level or character level.

my hit points are really low. is that normal?

Yes. Most of a Guardian's strength comes from the fact that they their Light manifests a powerful source of hit points referred to as energy shields, and that death doesn't mean a whole lot to them anyway. If you die, just have a teammate resurrect you with the Channel Light action — you’ll be brought back to full health & full shields, and you’ll both get a free overshield (a third hit point pool!) for 1 round.

when does the duration of an ability decrease?

Duration scores are decreased at the start of your turn. You do not tick down an ability's duration on the turn that you use the ability.

how do i keep track of my shot capacity?

ON ROLL20: Use the standard 5e character sheet and OPT OUT of the Charactermancer. On the right hand side of the character sheet, under Personality/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws there is a pair of boxes labeled CLASS RESOURCES. These boxes are ideal for recording and keeping track of ammo.

ON A PAPER 5E SHEET: Using a piece scratch paper and tally marks is the most popular method. What you do, though, is going to depend on what you have access to and what you’re comfortable with.

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