Destiny with Dice

The 5e roleplaying game is about storytelling in worlds of swords and sorcery. It shares elements with childhood games of make-believe, of cops and robbers and the floor is lava. Like those games, 5e is driven by imagination. It’s picturing the swell of an army of orcs, and putting yourselves in the shoes of the heroes determined to stop them.

Dungeons & Destiny isn't too different. You just need to reload your swords.

Core design

Dungeons & Destiny is designed to be accessible to both veterans of tabletop gaming and Destiny as well as newcomers to both franchises. It starts with the 5e core rules. If you've ever played a 5e game, or if you're familiar with its d20 system, you're halfway to playing D&Destiny!

On top of the 5e core rules, Dungeons & Destiny introduces 9 new classes, each one based on the individual subclasses of the first Destiny video game, and brings in an alternate spellcasting system, new weapons in the form of firearms, and additional armor mechanics to accommodate the needs and abilities of the Guardian classes.

All of Dungeons & Destiny's systems are designed to be compatible with 5e's rules. Whether you're just looking for cool monsters to bring into your campaign or if you're interested in delving into the full experience, D&Destiny has something for every type of tabletop player and game master.


Originally a homebrew of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, the project metamorphosed into its current form due to one simple wish:

Kitty wanted a pet warbeast in her regular 5e game.

That was it. That was the entire scope of Dungeons & Destiny at its original conception. But Kitty didn't want to simply re-skin a wolf and call it a day, she wanted a creature that was a proper warbeast, with attacks and abilities that differentiated it from the average dog-ish creature.

The project started to snowball from there. After all, why stop at a warbeast? Why not make Eliksni and Hive and Cabal monsters and races to play as? Why not make new classes for Guardians?

Less than three months later, Kitty was now working on a project that involved over a hundred people, and had become a near complete re-imagining of 5e to fit the Destiny setting.

And yes, she got her pet warbeast.