Your support for our project means everything to Kitty and the D&Destiny team. However you choose to support us, please know that you are providing Kitty and the team the ability to bring the game to life and provide the vast amount of content that D&Destiny deserves. Whether you support us by word-of-mouth, financially, or views on our channels, you are enabling us to make a game worthy of the Traveler's Light.

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Patrons get early access to public content, the ability to vote on future content, and access to the D&Destiny Testing Grounds Discord server where playtests are happening multiple days a week. If you sign up to be a playtester you'll get to make a character and participate in one-shots and ongoing campaigns, experience D&Destiny content before anyone else, and you'll be able to provide direct and immediate feedback on the systems & features being developed. If you’re new to tabletops or to D&Destiny, we’ll gladly teach you how to play, too!

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