Comics. Stories. Cosplay and prop-making. Beautiful art. 

Written in Light is a Destiny Fanzine - the first of its kind! Within these pages you’ll find inspired works that showcase the depth and talent of the Destiny community. Twenty-seven contributors shared their memories of Destiny, and we can’t begin to describe what a pleasure it has been to work with these accomplished individuals. 

Volume 1 is called Memories of Destiny 1. We asked our contributors to share their memories - their favorite moments, the events and experiences that stood out and stick with them still - of Destiny 1. The resulting collection grants a glimpse of what made Destiny a game to fall in love with, and we’re so excited to share the finished product.

We hope you love reading Written in Light as much as we’ve loved putting it together. We’d also love for you to join us in sharing our announcement and spreading the word - but for now, download Volume 1 and get reading!


Jasper, Sky, and Kitty
//Written in Light 

Thank you to our contributors:


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Ciara Chastain

Lost and Found
Like a Fox (Cosplay and Props)
Barrett Photography (photo)

Keep What You Love Close

Neon Knights
Paul Miller

Celestial Nighthawk
Christina Czajkowski

Into the Forest of Dread

Ian X.

Gearing Up for the Raid
Laura Onderwater

Ghost Fragment: Vex

Time and Time Again

Vault of Glass
Polux / Hyakunana

An Ace of Spades

Field Trip
Brynna (u/dogmeathasdied)

Ace of Spades
Gerardo Justel

Chess Night
Addie Smith


Ghost Fragments - New Mythologies
Nicole Paoli

Last Lament
Alex Phelps (writer)
Ink (artist)

Super Good Advice: A Guide for Kinder-Guardians and Inexperienced Warriors of the Light Excerpt #92
Haley Hulan

Destiny Grimore Hardcover
Eli Winston / SilverFalconStudios

Old and Grey

Not A King
Naksu ”Fazikku” Kihlakaski

S. Fowler / Pinstripes

Into the Mouth of Hell

Another Time, Another Place

A Resilient Weave
The Mothyards (writer)
Snakebunker (artist)

In Memoriam
Jen C.

Guardian Parade, My Fireteam
Jade P.N.G.